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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  November 18, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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righnow we're watching for developments from the chandra levy trial where jurors are deliberating for a second day. open for business. a rthwest d.c. metro station is open despite a chunk of the ceilincoming crashing down. and he's a successful businessman. a tv star. now he may want to hol the most powerful job in the country. donald trump is considering a jobbing change. "news 4 midday" begins right now. good morning, everyone. welcome. i'm barbara harrison, november
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18, 2010. deliberations are under way in the chdra levy murder trial. jurors spent six hours deliberating the fate of ingmar guandique without reaching a verdict. we have more on today's deliberations with megan. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ingmar guandique is learning to learn his fate. wille be aquitted or convicted in the murder of chana levy? the jury has two options. they can convict him of first-degree murder. that could get him a life sentence. or they could nvict him of second degree murder. that would get him a maximum of 40 years. many jurors were late getting to the courthouse this morning. there was a huge line at the security checkpoint here. apparently they had a situation, some concerns in another case here at the courthouse that somebody may be trying to sak a gun into the courthouse, so ey beefed up security. that really slowed things down at the checkpoints. many of the jurors had trouble getting inside. so, they were late getting a start this morning. th went into the jury room a little before 10:00 this
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morning. before things got under way, police technicians did bring a few boxes of evence into the courtroom to be delivered to jurors. they already have a host of evidence and exhibits in the jury room for their review, including chandra levy's joggg tights and other items, including pictures. yesterday the jury asked two questis. they requested a photo of ingmar guandique in rock creek park, the photo taken by hi girlfriend in spring of 2001, when levy disappeared. they also asked for rubber gloves to they didn't contaminate exhibits when handling them. presumably the jurors are going through physical exhibits, taking a look at them as the try to reach a verdict in the case. they deliberated yesterday for about six hours. they are in there now deliberating. we are outside the courthouse waiting,aiting for that verdict. back to you? >> thank you, megan. we're following a developing story out of stafford county is morning where a school bus driver is off thejob after allegedly showing inappropriate pictures to some students.
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the school system says the driver resigned after some parents at a.g. wright middle school went to the principal. sheriff's office and child protective services are aware of the system. new today at midday, university of maryland police are investigating a strong-arm robbery on campus. it happened around 1 1:30 last night in the parking garage. police say a woman was walking down the stairs when a man came up behind her, implied he had a weon and robbed her. she gave up her cell phone and student i.d. card. the robber then ran away. u.s. pk police are investigating what prompted an officer to fire his weapon during a traffic stop. they say he s conducting a routine stop on southern avenue new suitland parkway when he fired his weapon. the car drove away but was caught a short time later. no one was injured in the shooting. police are now interviewing that driver.
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the farragut north metro station is open again. it was closed last night after part of the ceiling collapsed onto the platform next to passengers waiting for a train. the ceiling collapse was just one problem metro s dealing with. the trsit agency's communication system also went down this morning. news 4 tracee wilkins has the latest from outside the north farragut station in northwest washington. >> reporter: there are lots of questions this morning. first of all, how did a construction project above ground cause debriso fall inside of a metro station below ground? secondly, what's going on with metro's communication system? while all of this confusion was going on about whether farragut north was going to open, most passengers didn't get the message. the ceiling is partially boarded at farragut north station and barriers around the area where large chunks of concrete and debris fell from the ceiling metro platform. it happened yesterday afternoon. no one w injured. this morning structural engineers examined the station
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and this connecticut avenue road construction site. after ddot officials say their construction here caused the chunks to fall. >> we're putting in a median and it appears the drawings metro had-h and we had show a little more depth between the bottom of the roadway and the top of the tunnel within the metro station. so, it appears that we hit something, it fell through the ceiling and then actually fell into the station. >> everybody's going to be looking at various plans that were used originally when the system was built. this is one of the shallower stations, as you can tell, just from going through the insulators here. >> reporter: all of this confusion comes as metro is dealing with another internal issue. their entire communication system is down, including e-mails, station pa announcements and even their in-house phones, leaving some passgers not knowing if farragut north reopened or not. >> quite challenging to try to
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communicate with our customers this morning. i know we ha technology folks working on that since before the sun rose this morning. >> reporter: passengers say while officials try t figure out who's at fault, the already have some opinions. >> i think it's nuts, to be perfectly honest. it's d.c. and it's metro. >> the ceiling down there, there have been areas that seem like they've been following before. i mean, i've been down there before. you can see where panels are missing so i don't think this is a new problem. >> reporter: metro officials say those issues that passenger described are a part of a rehabilitation project happening here and also throughout t rest of the red line so people should be seeing changes fairly shortly. today the meo board will b meeting. we understand at hapned yesterday is gng to be a big part of their discussion. in northwest, tracee wilkins, news four. taking a look outside, looks nice out there, starting to cloud up a little tom tells us.
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let's talk about what we can expect the rest of the day. >> we've had quite a bit of fun and it w a cold start. we had many locations below freezing, just around dawn. now we are warming up, even wth the cloud cover that's coming through. right now temperatures around the region hit the 50s and it's at 56 at national airport. low fifty in the nearby suburbs farther to our west, upper 40s to low 50s and southern maryland around the bay, also in the low to mid-50s around the region. and as we look at other temperatures, it's chillier in the mountains, as usual, in the mid-40s there. over the last 12 hours, we've had some clouds on the increase coming in from the west. it's part of a weak wave of low pressure that is producing some rain now. just beginning to cross the ohio river valley coming into western west virginia. there may be a few sprinkles in the panhandle yet it's tending to dry as it head east. just a small chance of an isolated sprinkle this afternoon, otherwise quite a bit of cloudiness around and a light
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breeze coming in out of the northwest as we reach the upper 50s here in thnext couple of hours. then even colder tonight. details on that. we'll look at friday, the weekend and a look at the next week coming up in a couple of minutes. >> got to get a firegoing, huh? >> it's that time of year. >> thanks, tom. and we're going to check on the midday traffic. our first time this morning. >> good morning to you. a little roadwork. this time it's northbound on 95 on the approach to the beltway in springfield right at the flyover ramp taking y from 95 north to the outer loop. you can see the construction cones taking away the right lane. everybody has to scoot to the left and a minimal delay at tis point. everybody slowing down, being cautious through the work zone. let's head south and see how we're doing at the wilson bridge. inner loop and outer loop between alexandria and octionen hill moving along nicely. northeast, kendall worth avenue quieter than this morning. all the problemsave cleared up. back to you. >> jery, thank you. we'll stay in touch with you through the rest of the hour. a second suspect is expected
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to plead guil this afternoon in the murder of popular school principal brian betts. court documents say shareef lancaster will say guilty to a crime. he was at betts' silver spring home on the fight of his murr in april. betts was killed during a robbery attempt. another suspect, 19-year-old sanders has already pleaded guilty to shooting betts. lancaster faces a maximum of 35 years if he is convicted on all charges. one of the officers arrested in thawide-reaching criminal investigation in princeeorge's county will be in court this afternoon. 45-year-old sergeant richard delabrere will have a deattention hearing. they released videotape evidence against another suspect. they began watching simic and an
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accompli as they found out officers were being paid to transport untaxed liquor and cigarette. she was elected to represent district 6, johnson is accused of tape-r tapering of evidence. court documents show she hid nearly $80,000 in her bra. she and her huand, jack johnson, were arrested last friday during the corruption crackdown. our time right now, ten minutes after 11:00. senator lisa murkowski is celebrating an historic election victory this morning. coming up, what her opponent has to say about the ballots still needed to be counted. coming up, the latest on repairs being made to the brentwood post office after yesterday's severe weather. he's been helping us get in shape this fall. today's steve hayes shows us the three bs of fitness. the band, the bench and the bells.
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the first gone tan notice detainee to face a civilian trial has been found not guilty of all of the hundreds of charges he faced. ahmed ghailani was found guilty of one count to destroy government property. he was accusedof helping terroristsomb two u.s. embassies in 1998. a federal judge prohibited
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prosecutors from calling a key witness in the case saying the witness was identified while gielge gill ran any was interrogated he could face life in prison. an ethics committee will announce punishment for representative charlie rangel who violat 11 house ethics rules. the 20-term congressman was found guilty of accepting payments for travel to conferences as well as tax evasion and improperly using his office and raising money for the rangel city at cit college, new york. experts believe he will be reprimanded or censured but not kicked out of congress. it's over in alaska as cumbent lisa murkowski who won as write-in. there was a long delay, so alaska election officials could count all of the write-in votes to make sure they had spelled
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her last name correctly. her win makes her the first senate write-in winner in more than 50 years. and what once started as a ke could soon be a reality. donald trump has announced that he will make his decision by june on whether or not he will run for president. he says if the poll numbers were good and, quote, if the country continues to be taken advantage of, then he said he's going to run. trump considered a pridential run back in 2000 but decided against it after setting up an exploratory committee. the national weather service is expeed to determine whether a tornado actually touch down in baltimore yesterday. the storm tore through northeast baltimore early yesterday morning. uprooting trees and rippi a roof right off an apartment buding. three people were hurt, including a child. all of those injuries, though, were minor. closer to home here in the district, strong winds caused this entire two-story real wall of the brentwood post office to collapse.
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nearly 200 workers were evacuated and two workers inside had to be treated for minor injuries. the storm knocked out the glass in more than 130 130 postal delivery trucks that were sitting in the parking lot at the me. >> we didn't know what was going on. >> it's really back. it's brick, cier block. never in my wildest imagination would i believe something would tear through here and have such damage in a quick moment of time. >> it wi likely take several weeks to replace broke glass and all of the postal delivery vehicles. there's no word on how long it will take to rebuild, so that wall on the back of the post office delivery service building. tom, have you ever seen anything quite like that? are you calling it a microburst? i know that it was not a tnado here. >> no, not necessarily. that could have been a strong gust from a thunderstorm. as i mentioned yesterday, those storms are moving. just the storm line i was was moving at 50 miles an hour. ifn individual storm itself had a 30-mile-an-hour gust while it's moving at 50 miles an hour,
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you're talking perhaps an 80-mile-an-hour wind that just could have slammed into that called, could have caused that to collapse, could have caused the roof to come off th apartment building near baltimore. did not mean it was a tornado. on radar yesterday as well, there were no tornado signatures on radar. radar is very good at tecting tornados. we don't have any severe weather today. just a few clouds coming in. right now we have a blue sky off to the west. live view from sky watcher camera. 56 at national airport where november rainfall total is about 2.1 inch and that's about 0.4 ove average. on radar we are seeing one little sprinkle that's just to the south of harrisonburg in the central shenandoah valley to stantowhere you see the blue blob. this is heading f to the east and will pass well south of washington here over the next half hour or so. a look at the lows we had this morning. got down to freezing at dulles and parts of montgomery county as well and prince george's county came close to hitting the freezing mark this morning.
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it did get below freezing. parts of prince william, louder, and madison, greene, central shen dpoe what valley did get down to freezing mark is morning. right for you it's responded with the sunshine we've this this morning. it's climbed backinto the mid-50s. out in the mountains it's cooler there, in the mid-40s there, while on the eastern shore, low 50s to mid-50s over the last 12 hours a wea wave of low pressure has been moving in. this area of blue is where they are getting a little light rain, western pennsylvania, around the ohio valley, coming into the mountains of west virginia. and this moisture is tending to dry as it heads off to the east. the wider view showing the extent of this wave of low pressure. it's very weak. it's continuing to drt offo theast. we'll have quite a bit of cloudiness in here by later on this afternoon. as we get into the evening, though, we'll have a clearing, thanks to high pressure that will be moving in from the midwest. this high pressure system will be passing just to our south during the day tomorrow.
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it will be in place tomorrow wi a clear sky and calm wind. we'll likely have freezing temperatures tomorrow morning. the high will drift to our south during the day friday into friday night and on saturday a little weak front will pass just to our north and, perhaps, bring a few clouds around midday saturday, but looks dry in the weekend and for the rest ofhe thursday afternoon, quite a bit of cloudiness, just a small chance of a sprinkle and a light breeze out of the northwest as we reach the upper 50s. it's not going to warm up much more. overnight tonight we'll get that full moon coming back out as the cloud break up. by dawn, near freezing starting f friday morning with a clear sky. during the day on friday should be bright and sunny but chilly. afternoon highs only the low 50s. then clear friday night and should be cold again friday night into saturday morning do into the 30s. saturday afternoon, might make it into the upper 50s to near 60 with sunshine. sunny and a bit cooler onsunday into next week. a warming trend, maybe some rain by wednesday. and that's the way it looks
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right now. i'll be back withanother update. >> thank you. off to the roads we go with jerry edwards any problems right now? >> just a couple of work zones might slow folks down, including this one along interstate 66 westbound headed through falls church trying to get out to he capital beltway in the two lane-stretch you lose the left lane. volume seems to be light enough where there's not too much in the way of delay. westbound 66 right before the dulles connecter inside the beltway. we'll head over and see how we're doing at the american legion bridge -- excuse me, north bound. southbound a couple of individual work zones in the stretch between newington and woodbridge all with very minor delays right now. we're looking, overall, pretty good at the moment. back to you. >> thank you, jerry. 11:20 is the time. still ahead on news 4ed any day, thanksgiving is about food and family. we'll tell you how to include fitness in that list, too.
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we'll have the latest in our fitness -- fall fitness segment. guide to surviving the holidays coming up. a new policy on eating in a fairfax county school. we'll tell you wh it's upsetting some parents. first, here's a look at what's hot on .
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ye.ok, 'lli [ female annouer made fresh, ight. thiss. that is not half. guys i have more. with cinnabon cnamon have such a sweet delicious aro that my family can wait ir hds on them. enjoy cinnab cinnamon... now in all pillsbury cinnamon ro that my family can wait ir hds on them. we're now just one week from
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thanksgiving. hopefully you've been following our series "fit for fall" but if you haven't, it's never too late to get started. joining us is steve hayes, fitness guru. >> thank you. >> congratulations. the oprah holiday issue is out and you are one of her favorite things listed here. >> i'm so happy. well, it's wonderful. we have found you to be very helpful to a lot of us, too. congratulations. you start us off with aittle cardio. you've shown us how to do the walk and run up stairs. do you have another cardio example for us? >> o yes. i'm going old school and new school. it's the jumping jack, very simple. up like this. that was old school. new school, bring the hands in. this way we tighten up the abs, working the chest and the upper shoulders. >> is that the easiest way to do a juing jack? >> no, it isn't. >> let's see for those people -- >> for those who can't, instead of jumping up, bring the leg up, come down,witch the other foot
11:25 am
and you get the same workout but it's not the same impact on your joints. >> dyou reverse that so you bring your other leg up? yes. >> great. you tell us we're going to do for our exercises today the three bs. >> the bench, the bell and the band. >> start us off. the first one we'll start with the band? >> yes. we're working your legs. hereput the band under your foot, lean back, pull the band here and push out. make sure you have on a pair of shoes that you canatch with your heel or it will slide down. bring in, you're working your legs and abdominals all at one time. >> and keeping the band at your shoulder. >> at the shoulr. >> second one for today, and this is called a super set again you're doing today, is the upper body. you're doing that on the bench today, right? >> yes, i am.
11:26 am
this ithe one, hands on the side of the bench. and working your abs and shoulders. come down and push up. if you're shoulders move, go down a little bit. let your body gradually work its way in. you're working your triceps, your abdominals, upper chest and the front part of the shoulders. >> all right. we've got the two bs, the band, the bench. now the bells. as in bar bells, that's our third of the super set. >> third. remember the hayes flies doing like. this is a reverse hayes slide. put the weight together and pull back. when you're pulling it back, you're working the front part of the shoulder and working the back part of the shoulder, plus this part of the arm here. you're tightening that up and doing your abdominals. >> how much of each of these? >> you want to do a set of ten, but you want to do three sets of ten. you're super setting, do three different sets of ten, nonstop, because you get the maximum rn. >> and we can always get more
11:27 am
information on this at t, which will probably lead people to the oprah magazine. you alwaysgive us a nutrition tip. something for thanksgiving? >> yes. i have a great nutrition tip for thanksgiving what we want to d is when we wake up thanksgivinmorning, we say we're going to starve ourselves in order to eat that thanksgiving dinner, but best way to do this is that morning when you wake up, eat a light breakfast and light lunch and in three to four hours before you eat the dinner do the hayes w super set because the body will burn energy fuel and when you're eating dinner, you won't feel stuffed. >> we'll remember your other tip to us,hich is after a big meal, get out and walk. >> get out and walk. >> how many minutes? >> 15 to 30 minutes. go 15 minutes up, 15 minutes back. >> get the whole family out there. >> get the whole family out and enjoy this thanksgiving day dinner. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> thank you. >> and, of course, congratulations. >> thank you.
11:28 am
>> oprah's farite thing. our time, 11:27. coming up of "news 4 midday", heightened security at one elementary after a teacher was beaten and robbed just outside the school. plus, a new interview with tiger woods this morning. what the golfer had to say. and tom kierein joins us again with an early look at the weekend forecast. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable, and enjoying it less and less? stopr second best. upgrade to verizon fio and get tv, internet and phone
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right now on "news 4 midday" jurors have begun the second day of deliberations in the chandra levy murder trial. yesterday jurors spent six hours considerg the prosecution's case against ingmar guandique without reaching averdict. guandique is accused of murdering levy back in 2001. the farragut north metro station is oen again this midday. it was closed last night after parts of the ceiling of the station collapsed onto the platform. no one was hurt. firefighters say roadwork above the statio caused a chunk of concrete to fall. d.c. elementary schools are stepping up security after a spanish teache nearly died after being robbed and beaten. the attack happened just before noon monday near the intersection of howard and p pomeroy road. a masked gunman demanded the teach teacher's purse. she refused. the robber hit her three times
11:32 am
in the head haed with a gun. the teacher suffered a concussion and has two surgeries for bleeding in her brain. >> he's a dangerous people. usually around school there's a lot of people around, so he's a dangerous dividual. a lot of times we have individuals wearing a mask so that gives them -- he feels some security without individuals know whog they are. >> the teacher remain in the hospital today. the robber has not been caught. so, what do you think of this, a kid caught cheating on a test andhen allowed to retake the exam? it could be the case in one fairfax county school. "the washington post" is reportg pest potomac principal is allowing teachers to allow cheaters to retake the test. this is the same school that recently banned "f grades. it has upset some parents. they formed a group to protest
11:33 am
this move. we want to hear from you. do you think students caught cheating on exams should get to retake the test instead of getting a zero weigh in on nbc 4's facebook or twitter page and we'll share your results tonight on "news 4 at 5". shoppers in the district looking for more low cost grocery options will soon have four new stores to visit. new jersey avenue northwest, georgia and missouri avenues northwest, east capital and 58th streets southeast and new york avenue northea. the stores will be smaller because of the city environment, but will still have full grocery and pharmacy departmts. not only will walmart bring low prices but jobs, too. walmart ys it will hire some 1200 employees which will definitely helpin some neighborhoods where unemployment is as high as 50%. tom's back with us again to talk about our weather. are you ready to talk about thanksgiving yet? >> we'll have sort of an
11:34 am
indication. certainly not a forecast. we can give you a general outlook of what may be happening next week. for today, though, we'll have some sunshine for perhs another couple hours. look at those clouds on the western horizon. that's where the sky watcher camera is looking toward the west. those are moving our way. right now under the clouds shenandoah valley, chillier, only 50. where the sunshine is, it's into the mid-50s now. later today, although tugh clouds will roll in, a small chance of a sprinkle and temperatures reaching upper 50s. tonight clearing out. by dawn tonig, near freezing. highs only, the low 50s tomorrow, so quite a chilly day. then on saturday it may be near freezing again in the morning. afternoon highs, though, with just a few clouds midday climbing into the upper 50s to near 60. turday night into sunday, mostly clear sky, will be down into the low 30s sunday morning. sunday may be a bit cooler. a few clouds around. highs reaching the low to mid-50s. then as we get into next ek, there is a bit of a warming
11:35 am
trend into monday and tuesday. some areas may seeemperatures into the low to mid-60s by tuday. and there is a chance of some rain, perhaps, on wednesday. that meiliay linger into thanksgiving day, but right now the wednesday getaway day could be a wet day and that may cause travel problems. >> sure could. we'll keep watching. >> first look tomorrow. >> thank you, tom. nurses at the washington hospital center will report to work next wednesday after all. they canceled a one-day strike after management agreed to postpone salary cuts. both sides say they'll resume negotiations later this month. the nurses' union and hospital have been at odds including wages, benefits and staffing. soon you won't need a plastic card to enter recreation areas in montgomery card. all you need is to scan your finger. they'll buy three finger scanners and in january used to identify members at potomacrec
11:36 am
center and swim center in wheaten. the plan is to expand them to 33 montgomery county rec centers. they plan to save $50,000 with these. tattoos are considered by many to be works of art and personal impression but one man was nearly kicked off a flight because of his tattoos. adam pearson has the words adam bomb on his knuckles. he says it's a childhood nickname. he was allowed to lea the flight but was allowed to stay after talking to security officials. he's a frequentlier and has flown 140,000 miles with delta this year alone. the national transportation security chief says he won't change the policy that allows the patdowns and body scans. john pistole testified before congress yesterday. he said the patdowns and new screening machines are necessary to keep travelers safe but travelers say the body scans and
11:37 am
patdowns are invasive. >> the question is, do i understand the sensitivity to people, yes. are you asking, am i gng to change the policies? no. because i -- i think that is what being informed by the latest intelligence, the latest effos by terrorists to kill our people in the air, no, i'm not going to change those policies. >> he also says it's irresponsible to suggest travelers opt out of screening. we're going to check again on our traffic out there. let's say hello again to jerry edwards. hi. >> hey, rbara. good morning. let's head up. we'll update on you the latest on the roadwork. 95 in virginia, northbound side of i-95 at the access for capital beltway. you can see the sign for tyson corner. a to take to you the outer loop on the flyover ramp, right side of the roadway is blocked. one lane getting by to the left. a backup north on 95 from about 644 headed through the work zone. keep thain mind. let's head over wi one more check, we'll make a trip to the
11:38 am
leon bridge up to new hampshire avenue is moving nicely. me story on the outer lip from river road down to i-66 and springfield, moving without delay. a little good news. ck to you. >> jerry, thank you very much. the wizards aren't quite ready for the nba elite. prime example, last fight's game against the celtics. the young guns got crushed in boss. the wiz were short-handed. it was the team's second game without rookie standout john wall. the caps continued their hot streak at home now 10-1 at verizon center and slashg the sabres 4-2ast night. nick lags backstrom and semin tallied goals for that win new the nfl is looking t congress to help in preventing a lookout next season. the players union and teams' owners have not come to an agreement on a new collective
11:39 am
bargaining agreement meaning owners could lock out players next year. that means no games will be played and the league will be canceled for a year. the players' union is asking congress to help prevent the lockout but an nfl lobbyist argued it's not a battle congress should fight. meanwhile, tiger woods is opening up about the events that have changed his life over the past year. he says he's happier now than he was a year ago in part from what he calls a return to his core values. woods was a guest this mornin on espn radio's mike & mike show and just wrote an essay in "newsweek" called, how i redefined victory. it describes how's change as a person since his car accident last november and the sex scandal and divorce that followed. woods writes the physical pain from the car accident has long healed but the pain in my soul, he says, is more complex and unsettling. it has been far more difficult to ease and to understand. a new new jersey preacher
11:40 am
wants his church leaders to quit facebook to save their rriages. reverend cedric miller is the senior pastor of the living word christian fellowship church in neptune, new jersey. he says reconnecting with old romances couldead to marital problems. miller is on vacation and spoke about the issue by telephone. >> old high school, college or forelife shows up and reaches out in conversations start and most times it starts innocently and then escalates. before you know it, the kvs gets to an inappropriate lev and sooner or later the other spouse finds out. >> the pastor sae will delete his facebook account, too. he'll make the announcement this weekend, he says. britain's prince william and kate mdleton are wasting no time planning their royal wedding. middleton was photographed leaving westminster abbey last night where she was reportedly scouting locations for the ceremony. according to british press, it's
11:41 am
emerged as her firm favorite to be the venue, westminster abbey hosted the weddings of queen elizabeth and queen mother and the site of funeral for princess diana. our time, 11:41. still ahead, it's been a tough week on wall street. we'll have the latest numbers this morning. plus, we'll tll you about a cool new exhibit at american university's arts center. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable,
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if you ever have a tough time deciding what to do or where to go, get ready to eat, shop and play in a brand new way. the is a new website created by nbc local media which includes nbc 4. the site expands your world of options andimplifies how you find the very best the washington rion has to offer. jim handly gives us a tour. >> reporter: it's the week enand you're ready for fun. the options are endless, where to go? the new tapas restaurant downtown or the place with the great roasted chicken, hotel bar dive bar, theater or rock show? how about the cashmere sale? skip it all and go shopping. w do you decide in there are pleasantf websites, blogs and apps full of opinion but you can easily spend more time scouring the web than devoung the city. introducing the feast. local experts help you discover
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the best of our region, chefs and critics get you to the best places to eat. fashion editors become personal shoppers. and local characters reveal where to unwind. the you get information and reew from all across the web in one place. where to find the best coffee or best pizza in our area. they get a ranking. you find out how they came up with it. the rank has a definitive score based on real-time dat because it pulls together thousands of reviews,atings and opinions all in real time. we also know your friends' take is probably the most important. you can always filter your searches based on what they like. >> and the more friend you have on the, the better your searches get. more people apply for unemployment benefits but claims remain near lowest level in two years. we'll checon that with cnbc's courtney reagan. she'll are that and the rest of the day's business headline.
11:46 am
good morning. >> go morning. it's been an exciting day on wall street. the market, at least the do you, up 172 points. we've been higher all day. mostly if that triple dig range. unfortunately, we did get some disappointing economic data, like you mentioned, first time claims for jobless benefits rose by 2,000, however continuing claims fell to two-year low. that's that number we really watch a bit more carefully than the weekly claims. retailer sears posted a larger than expected loss for the third quarter but staples beat wall street estimates with its latest profits. really, the big news on wall street is the new day dawning for general motors. it returned to the market today, a year after filing for bankruptcy and getting a government bailout. gm's opening trade was about $35 and change, which is about where we're trading right now. now, gm priced this ipo at $33 last nht. that was the high end of the
11:47 am
expected range. so, they're up about 7% just on the day for the first day of trading. initially there were 47 million shares of common stock issued. if you add in $4 billion wrt worth of preferred shares banks unrwriting the deal that exercised the option to sell even more shares, gm raised the record $23 billion and that was before we went on the op rket today. now, the u.s. treasury does stand to make as much as $13.6 billion in the sale and it goes towards recooping the $50 llion in bailout money that gm was granted. gm has already repaid more than $9 billion. the government cut its stick in gm to under 37% because, of course, now u.s. shareholders are part owners. however, the government does remain the largest shareholder. u.s. needs stock to rise to about $48 to be able to break even on that bailout investment over the next several years. back to you.
11:48 am
>> thank you. our favorite wednesday's child segments are the once that telltories of success of our efts to find families for foster kids. today we meet the lofton family, a team of mom, dad and two kids you may remember. terry and tayon. the first time we introduced terry back in 2002, she was 9 years old. we introduced her again when she was 11. then two years after that -- did you know you had a sisr before you met her? >> no. i was happy. that way now i can play the big sister role. >> in 2007 we introduced then 16-year-old terri to a brother she had just found out she had. 11-year-old tayon. they were living then in separate foster homes with the hope of one day being together in one family. now three years later they got to introduce us to their wonderful adoptive family. >> my loving mom.
11:49 am
dahntay and lower relt that laugh ton are happy parent. they moved to this area with the military. he first saw terri on wednesday's child. >> i was stationed at the pentagon. one day i was just watching tv and your show came on. >> altugh he called then to get some information, it wasn't until years later, after seeing terri's story aga, this time with a brother, that he made a move. >> that mate it good because i said, now i'm going to get two for one. >> i fell in love with terri. i didn't even know who tayon was at first. then he brought him over. he's like, oh, yeah, this is terri's brother. >> mom was talking to me. she told me she sang, do hair and i told her i could play the piano. >> today they are one big happy family agreeing on most everything, except maybe football. >> he likes cowboys. terri likes -- >> the chiefs. >> and i, me, i like the broncos.
11:50 am
>> she likes the patriots. >> but whoever else they're cheering for, they are biggest fans of their own team. the fourhaw are now the lofton family. >> what a wonderful story. we certainly enjoyed telling it and seeing that fami together. if you have room in your home and your heart for one of our wednesday's children, call our special adoption hot line or logon to our website at 1-8 -2-adoption is that phone number. r time, 11:50. coming up, it's time to make your plans for the new year's. tom kierein will be back with another check of the forecast.
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time to check out the weekend scene. >> hi. >> good to see you. >> great to b here. >> let's start with the american university, a few museum -- a new show at the museum. >> the washington project for the arts is celebrating its 35th anniveary this year. to mark the occasion, they've created a show that really brings together its member artists from the past three decad decades. it means you'll see artists who maybe you haven't seen in 20 years in a washington gallery.
11:54 am
and it ream functions as a retrospective of washington art. it is a beautiful space. to do it -- the reason we're tellinyou about it this weekend is because you want to head there from 4:00 to 6:00. the curator, j.w. mahoney, wi be giving a guided tour of the show. >> includes all kinds of things. paintings, photography. >> up to thert we would see today, like video art and performance art. >> sounds great. looking at december, the holidays coming up, is talking about something coming up in december, a christmas celebration. tell us about that. >> it might be a little early for some of us to think about christmas, but at verizon center tonight the tran siberian orchestra is performing. this is a must. it's an over the top rock 'n' roll holiday spectacle. there are laser lights,
11:55 am
pyrotechnics. all tonight at 7:30 p.m. and tickets are $60. >> you can still get in? >> oh, yeah, absolutely. >> you may think christmas is a little ways off but so is new year's. you have tips about what to do for new year's eve already. >> it's a little more than a month away. if you want to go t one of these major black tie affrs, you need to get your tickets now. there e a couple reason for that. gaylord national, for example, it's a black tie party, bands, casino games andhe ticket prices are going to go up the clos it gets to the date. so, if you buy your ticket today it will be $119. closer to the date it will go up to $159. >> wow. >> to get tickets visit one more event you want to know. leg warmers at the state theater. this is a band that sells out the state theater all the time. they're playing their new year's eve show. '80s band, fantastic. tickets are $43. they'll definitely sell out. >> greato see you. thank you for coming with your tips. >> thanks so much. and we are going to take
11:56 am
a -- let's take a look at our website. why n't you tell us where you can find it., of course, and also at -- >> the goingout our website as well, d let's take a look at some of the stories we're following on news 4 this afternoon. jim handly joins us in the news room with a preview of things to come. >> we've got a very busy day in the news coming up at 4:00 and 5:00. of course, we're watching for the verdic in the chandra levy murder trial. we'll have it as soon as it comes in and have live team coverage for you starting on ws 4 at 4:00 and 5:00 tonight. also at 4:00, a fight is caught on tape at a hooters restaurant between a woman and a poce officer. then tonight at 5:00, track tracking distracted drivers. you might be surprised to find out where it's happening. the local construction project that's a trouble spot for texters and talkers and what's being done to crack down. plus, thanksgiving's just around
11:57 am
the corner. liz crenshaw reveal tricks of the trade to cook u that perfect feast. she joins us tonight only here at 5:00. we'll be looking for you then. back to you. >> thank you. time for a final eck on the forecast with tom. >> here's your four-day forecast. later today into the upper 50s, increasing clouds, clearing tonight and a cold start to friday. tomorrow bright and sunny, highs, low 50s, and should be sunny over the week en. sunny afternoons and cool, but chilly in the orning. a look into next week. a warming trend, monday up around 60 and maybe making it into the low and mid-60s on tuesday. then the big getaway day for thanksgiving looking like a wet day, high near 60. see you tomorrow morning. >> thank you, tom. it's time for russians to be heard. no, it's not election time. it's sometime to help russia's prime minister name his new dog. vladimir putin got piz precious puppy from a gift from bulgaria's prime minister. a statement on putin's website
11:58 am
says he's sew litting suggestions for names. anyone can submit. it's not clear what the winner will receive but we can only hope it's a chance to meet putin's new furry friend. he is such a cute one. vladimir putin says this is a very, very special gift. look at that face. wh a cutie. he deserves a kiss. that's "news 4 midday." sure to tune in at news 4 at 4:00, 5:00 and at 11:00 tonight. i'll be back tomorrow morning with all the gang fo "news 4 midday." have a great day.
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